Unveiling the Truth: Exposing Gray Marriages in Belgium and Empowering Victims

2023-11-04 19:50:00

Our guest Maître Laurent Levi, the specialist in this type of case in Belgium, gave us the following definition: “It is a marriage in which there is on the one hand a person who is sincere in their feelings and on “other a person who simulates love for the sole purpose of obtaining a residence permit”.

Earlier today, we went to meet a victim to collect his testimony. We’ll call her Francesca. Francesca is Italian, one evening she meets a man in a bar. He is significantly younger than her, he is handsome, passionate, a love story begins.

After four months, he asked her to enter into a religious marriage. The desire for civil marriage arrived shortly after. The municipality of Anderlecht refuses to marry the couple, suspecting a sham marriage. Francesca proclaims her sincere love, but nothing happens. His companion even received an order to leave the territory which was not followed through on. A move to Wavre later, the marriage file was accepted by the couple’s new town of residence. They become husband and wife.

“We need to talk”: “The European dream for those who want a gray marriage is not work but benefits”

The gentle words quickly give way to violence and the increasing isolation of Francesca who – under the influence – does not really realize that she is being abused.

One day, Francesca learns of her father’s sudden death. Instead of supporting her, her husband disappears. He returns a few weeks later, apologizes, Francesca forgives him then falls seriously ill. Her husband isolates her even more and takes everything she owns. As the date of his regularization draws nearer, he becomes distant and ends up disappearing overnight, leaving Francesca with some debts as a souvenir.

Today, Francesca blames herself for having been naive. However, out of habit, in the morning when she wakes up, her first thoughts are still affectionately towards this man who deceived her and who took everything from her. It is difficult for her to completely escape from this bad dream which lasted three years.

In Belgium, victims who file a complaint for emotional fraud are frequently dismissed, on the grounds that they were really looking for it. They must then undertake complex and costly steps to assert their rights and obtain compensation while trying to rebuild themselves.

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