“Unveiling the Truth: Wrapping Your Phone in Aluminum Foil, What Really Happens?”

2023-05-31 22:24:33

Today most people have mobile devices that offer a large number of functions, allowing users to perform tasks, stay in touch, socialize through social networks, carry out their jobs, capture moments through photos and make bank transfers, among many other functions.

However, these mobile devices are also used to capture evidence of an unusual event or to locate the user through geolocation. For all these reasons, the devices have become essential for people, generating a high demand in the market.

But, despite being so important to people’s lives, the devices have a high purchasing cost and a limited lifetime, which, according to the uses to which they are put, can increase or decrease.

One of the first signs that warns users that something is wrong with their mobile devices is the overheating of the equipment when it is being used, or while it is being charged. Exposing smartphones to falls, dust particles, and water also considerably shortens their lifespan. This has generated that, through Internet portals, all kinds of tips and tricks are shared by Internet users or some strange experiments are put to the test.

Such is the case of wrapping cell phones in aluminum foil and, according to users, this causes the equipment to stop working temporarily, but what really happens? If you are interested in knowing the answer, we invite you to continue reading this note.

aluminum foil

When a smartphone is wrapped in aluminum foil, the device will not receive calls or text messages (even when it is turned on). In addition, the GPS can also be affected, since it will be impossible to locate the equipment with the programs offered by the Android operating system.

The same thing happens in the case of iPhone, when you decide to search for the device, the result shows the last location of the cell phone.

Why is this happening?

This happens because the aluminum foil blocks the cover, becoming a simplified version of a Faraday cage, blocking the magnetic field from outside. Aluminum foil acts as an excellent conductor, leaving it with a positive charge and upon receiving the electromagnetic waves of the mobile signal, an identical opposite electric field is generated and the sum of both fields is zero, causing the waves to not continue. inside the package.

People are advised not to put this to the test, remembering that some faults are covered by the warranty when purchasing a device, however, mobile device providers often emphasize that the warranty does not cover damage from “mishandling.” use”.

In many cases, by wrapping cell phones in aluminum foil, it has been found that it can take a couple of minutes to work perfectly again, or there is a risk that some functions may be permanently damaged.

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