Upcoming iOS 17 Update: New Features, Value Reduction of iPhone 8 and X, and Advice for Users

2023-08-06 02:51:28

The famous Apple company is preparing in the coming days to launch the new operating system IOS 17, which in turn will add many new features to the iPhone, but this update will reduce the value of some old versions of the phone by 50 percent, for example the new operating system will not support the version iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which were released in 2017 on old operating systems, so experts advise users of those versions to sell or exchange their devices before September. The iPhone 8 is the favorite and the X is the boom among users. It is reported that the iPhone X was released in 2017 on the tenth anniversary of the launch of the giant Apple company, and it was the first smartphone in the world to have a fingerprint recognition system for its user, and it also has user recognition technology Through the face print, what constituted a new era for the iPhone in particular and for the future of smart phones in general, as reported by the British Daily Mail. The phone, which was called “the biggest technological breakthrough since the original iPhone,” also featured more advanced features than the iPhone 8 version, which was also announced in the same year. The iPhone X contained a front and back glass front, an edge made of high-quality stainless steel, and A screen without edges completely, and it included the first OLED screen, which measured 5.8 inches, but with its distinction, the iPhone 8 version was and still is one of the favorite versions of iPhone users, Apple reported that it sold 86.3 million iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices around the world, which Making it one of the world’s best selling smartphones of all time. Despite those strong numbers achieved by the two versions, they were stopped from being sold in February 2020, after which the SE version was released in the same year, which was tantamount to raising the upgrade of the phone versions, but after the launch of the new operating system, we must bid farewell to the iPhone 8 and X, and in a report New to the SellCell website, in which he indicated that the value of smart phones is likely to decrease by 50 percent, and that the owners of these phones will be exposed to security risks related to their information. Security updates happen, exposing their owners and their data to electronic penetration by phone hackers, for example. Features of the new operating system, IOS 17, and the iPhone Xs, XS Max, and XR will become the oldest devices that will support the iOS 17 system, and it is scheduled that the new updates of the new operating system will be extensive with a set of new security features, and will also include improvements in browsing Safari. Apple child protection, aesthetic improvements, and usability improvements. The new update will also feature a Standby mode that turns your phone into a desk clock or a night desk clock while charging, with quick information displayed on the screen, and it will also contain an improvement in the automatic correction feature, and this came after users complained in the recent period that their words are incorrectly corrected. True, but the new system will have a new language model that promises to solve that problem using artificial intelligence. Another feature that aims to make life easier is the new Name Drop, which allows users to easily share contact information by clicking on their device with another month’s devices, and they can also make their own stickers that will appear on someone else’s screen when connected, this can include your personal photo or emoji Yours represents your identity.
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