Updating HP OfficeJet 9020e Printers Causes Blue Screen

2023-05-12 18:29:06

The firmware update for the HP OfficeJet Pro 9020e All-in-One Printer series is causing a blue screen with error code “83C0000B”. The information came through the site Neowinwhere it is said that this type of error indicates that it is something related to the firmware and that in the HP forum a topic was created about the problem.

HP OfficeJet 9020e Firmware Update Causes Blue Screen

Firmware update of HP OfficeJet 9020e printers causes blue screen. Source: witchdoctor

User “ClareR3185” created a topic on the HP forum this week reporting on an issue he is experiencing while updating the firmware on his HP OfficeJet Pro 9022e All-in-One Printer. Check out the message in full below:

Hello, my printer is offline with a blue screen and error code 83C0000B. I have read other posts and tried to reset the power drain but to no avail.

Can someone send me instructions to perform a semi-complete reset please?

Thank you very much

At the time of publication of this article, 63 people have voted in favor of the above question by clicking on the “I have the same question” option. In addition, the created topic already has 83 comments, where most of them are reports from users with the same problem in their HP 9020e series printers.

Some Australian HP customers have stated in the thread that HP is investigating the source of the issue at this time. However, it is believed that the only solution is to replace the product.

User “Idontknow84” commented saying:

Folks, HP support just told me that if the printer gets stuck in this BSOD state, apparently there is no alternative but to send the printer in for service. 🙁

In the thread, the user “ScottRita” these:

Also in Australia, HP responded by saying it will ship a replacement.

Although some customers have been able to exchange the problematic printer for a new one, there are cases when the warranty has expired. User “NicS__” reported the next:

Just got off the phone with HP Australia for the second time this week – no resolution, we’re working on it, no deadline. No idea or assessment of the situation (i.e. not being able to work) we are all in. Those still under warranty may have better luck pushing to have their printers replaced with mine, as so many others are out of warranty (by 2 months) – their firmware glitch caused this issue, ultimately we are at at their mercy as to whether or not they can (and when) fix it. The number of printers effected must be huge, they won’t help us unless they have to. I tried to have my printer replaced, but no luck.

When will HP come up with a solution or clarify what happened?

It appears that HP Firmware Engineers are investigating what happened with the firmware update and will provide an update on the issue on May 16, 2023. was reported by user “AngeloMGP” in the HP forum thread.

I just got off the phone with Customer Service. They confirmed that it is a firmware error happening all over the world.

They won’t hear from you before Tuesday the 16th, so at the moment there’s nothing to do.

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