Urban Growth and Development with Order Generate Welfare and Quality of Life for People: Daniela de los Santos

Morelia, Michoacán, September 13, 2022.- From the Legislative Commission for Urban Development, Public Works and Housing, important reforms were achieved for greater investment in the state, said deputy Daniela de los Santos Torres.

Within the framework of the presentation of the first work report of the Legislative Commission, he also stressed the strengthening of the municipalities, as well as the commitment with the IMSS for the construction of a General Hospital in Villas del Pedregal and above all to work to achieve order in urban development so that people have a better quality of life.

He explained that they managed to give the business sector incentives in the construction sector “it is one of the sectors that generates the most employment and we have to work together so that there is greater investment in the state,” he said.

She stressed that in her management as a local legislator, she previously achieved that the green areas and the donation of housing developments will be delivered in a single polygon and with certain inclinations to avoid that they will not deliver ravines and ridges and that it be reflected in larger green spaces for the families themselves.

Regarding the road distributors of Morelia, he contextualized that on 2 occasions they summoned the head of the SCOP to learn about progress and the reasons for the delays.

However, he affirmed that the authority needs to be more firm with the companies so that these works can be completed as soon as possible since, being unfinished, they represent great harm and risk to society.

He also said that the municipalities with territorial reserves were strengthened, which will allow them to carry out more works such as kindergartens and schools. The foregoing by making sure that the Urban Developments donate land in its entirety to the municipalities, since it was previously divided with the state.

Finally, he mentioned that they also supported the disincorporation of the land of the old Cereso de Morelia for the construction of the IMSS central offices “under the agreement that they will also build a General Hospital in Villas del Pedregal.”

Daniela de los Santos Torres recognized the coordinated work with her fellow Commissioners: the president, Lupita Díaz Chagolla, as well as Ernesto Núñez and Juan Carlos Barragán.

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