Urgent Care Crisis: Demanding More Staff for Quality Care

2023-06-13 09:10:13

More applause, but action this time“, “Our care is top notch, but our patience is running out“, “Care is ringing the alarm bell. Help, we’re drowning“, could we read in particular on the posters carried by the demonstrators. They indeed wish “more colleagues for quality care“. “Caregivers in short supply, risking your lives“, “tired caregivers, patients in danger“, they justified. “Work, that’s enough!“, “Health care in danger, hands, time and human“, “The love of the craft doesn’t pay my bill“, denounced others. Health care actors, “qualified yesterday (during the Covid crisis, editor’s note) as heroes, today 0“, wondered “who will care for the patients tomorrow“and what will be the future of these. Many slogans lamented”declarations, commitments, and, in the end, nothing but wind“. “We need hands, not promises that are never kept“, abounded demonstrators, whose job is “formidable“, and no “very pathetic“.

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