Urgent .. Health warns of medical convoys carrying Corona vaccine vaccination

I directed Ministry of Health and Population A warning against the presence of medical convoys passing through the homes to be vaccinated with the Corona vaccine, and the Ministry clarified through an awareness leaflet to it that the Ministry is the only authority entrusted with the vaccination of the Corona vaccine, and no citizen will be vaccinated without registering on the Corona vaccine website and receiving a text message to him via a mobile phone specifying the receiving center Corona Vaccine.

The Ministry confirmed that it expanded the Corona vaccine receiving centers to more than 400 centers at the level of the governorates of the Republic, as part of the state’s plan to vaccinate citizens to contribute to limiting the spread of infection and controlling the virus.

Vaccines are safe and effective

And the Ministry concluded that all Corona virus vaccines are safe, and regarding the side effects of Corona vaccines, the ministry explained that it is simple and does not require going to the doctor and lies in the high temperature, redness of the vaccination site, itching, as well as headaches, which disappear within two days, and there is a specialized medical team that follows the citizens after receiving the vaccine Over the period of time between the “first and second” doses.

Raise the maximum preparations for following up on the epidemic

The Ministry of Health and Population indicated to raise the highest levels of maximum preparedness in hospitals to follow the epidemiological situation of the Coronavirus and to take the necessary measures to prevent the virus or other infectious diseases.

The ministry explained that the symptoms of the virus lie in a high temperature, abdominal pain, loss of sense of smell and taste, diarrhea or a runny nose, and the ministry called on citizens, when these symptoms appear, to go to the hospital and seek care at an early time.

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