US antitrust authorities have filed another lawsuit against Facebook


According to the FTC, the group is to be obliged to obtain prior approval for future takeovers.

(Photo: Reuters)

Washington The US antitrust authority FTC is taking action against Facebook’s market power with an amended lawsuit. The FTC announced that the authority filed a modified version of its most recently dismissed lawsuit against the monopoly position of the world’s largest social network in a federal court.

The cartel watchdogs are hoping for a verdict from the judges, according to which Facebook could be forced to sell its globally popular messenger service WhatsApp and the photo platform Instagram. In addition, Facebook should be obliged to obtain prior approval for future takeovers.

Facebook called the lawsuit unfounded. The company was not a monopoly, it said in a statement.

The FTC had already filed a lawsuit against the technology giant in December 2020 for violating antitrust law. In it, they accused Facebook of buying up smaller rivals before they could jeopardize the company’s dominance.

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