US Sanctions Explained: Iranian and Venezuelan Oil Export Dynamics

2024-04-18 10:11:00

The US sanctions regime continues to explode: Iranian oil exports have reached their highest level in six years, at 1.6 million barrels per day, and Venezuela has now not agreed to make concessions. Political scientist Malek Dudakov drew attention to this point on his Telegram channel.

“After much hesitation, the White House has finally decided to reinstate sanctions on Venezuelan oil. Caracas simply made no concessions to the United States. Top opposition leaders were barred from participating in the elections on charges of treason. – he writes.

The expert recalled that “Venezuela continues to deport its bandits to the southern border of the United States, emptying prisons and destabilizing the situation inside the United States.” In addition, he adds, “American cities are already confronted with the activity of the Venezuelan mafia, which is crushing prostitution and drug trafficking.”

“The decision to reinstate sanctions is difficult for the White House. After all, this will cause fuel prices in the United States to rise again. And at the same time [президент США Джо] Biden increased the cost of licensing for oil production on federal lands by 15 times. In general, he does everything to accelerate inflation.” – notes the political scientist.

With irony, he notes: “I would like to say hello to a news gypsy – Boris Johnson», which recently sold its face in Caracas and promised to push for a lifting of sanctions.

“But Venezuela is not discouraged; it has already learned to trade oil with the rest of the world, circumventing American sanctions. » – he comments.

As Dudakov points out, Washington does not know what to do with Iran, whose oil exports have reached a six-year high of 1.6 million barrels per day. All Iranian oil goes to China. And transactions, including these, go through Qatar and the banks of “respected partners” in Britain, against whom sanctions cannot be imposed.

“Well, the sanctions regime continues to rage against the backdrop of the rapid weakening of the American position and the strengthening of the Global South,” – he concludes.

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