US Soldier Detained in North Korea: Latest Updates on the Cross-Border Incident

2023-07-18 16:00:52
Seoul: Reportedly, North Korea jailed a US citizen who crossed the border from South Korea. A US soldier facing disciplinary action crossed the border into North Korea on Tuesday, US officials said.

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The soldier was detained by North Korea for violating the Joint Security Area (JSA), the border between the two countries. There were reports that the JSA had crossed the border as part of a visit, but there was no confirmation.

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The UN Command stated that a man had crossed the border into North Korea without permission and that he was clearly a US citizen. Reports initially surfaced that the officer, US soldier Travis King, had crossed the border, but officials denied the information. US officials said the soldier who crossed the border faced disciplinary action.

A move had begun to bring the soldier back to the United States for disciplinary reasons. Foreign media reported that he drowned at the airport and crossed the border into North Korea.
Although the UN Command has asked South Korea to intervene in the incident, South Korea has clarified that no information related to this is available.

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No information has been released on how the soldier crossed the heavily guarded border or if he was on duty. The soldier went missing after arriving at the North-South Korean border village of Panmunjom. The UN Command said on Twitter on Tuesday that he is currently in North Korea’s custody and that the UN Command is working to resolve the issue. The US soldier crossed the border and arrived in North Korea as the dispute over Kim Jong-un’s nuclear program continues to rage.

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