USCIS will be more rigorous with asylum applications in the United States starting May 9, 2024 2024-04-17 20:02:34

It is news today in the United States that the Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has implemented changes that negatively impact applications for political asylum in the country.

These changes, which will come into effect on May 9, 2024, are essential to understand to avoid possible rejections by applicants.

Starting on the aforementioned date, USCIS will reject all asylum applications that are sent to the incorrect center. Instead of the safe locality corresponding to the applicant’s area of ​​residence. This means that it is imperative that applicants submit their applications to the appropriate location based on their residence. Otherwise they will receive a refusal.

The goal of USCIS

The USCIS initiative aims to simplify the asylum process in the United States and speed up response times. This, by digitizing the printed applications. Therefore, it is crucial to follow this protocol to ensure that your request is processed properly.

To avoid errors, it is advisable to use the USCIS web portal to find the safe location corresponding to the applicant’s area.

In the “Where to apply” section, you can find the necessary information. Be sure to use Form I-589 and follow the detailed instructions to select the correct location.

If you have sent an application to the wrong center, it is important to follow the instructions of USCIS.

In this specific case, the United States immigration entity specifies that instead of sending a new application, you must wait to receive a rejection notification before trying again.

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