User rush: Disney's streaming service starts with technical issues

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A rush of users has given the new streaming service from Disney a start with technical problems. Some customers complained about difficulty logging in or accessing individual content or features.

Disney said they are working to fix the issues. The interest of the users was still above the – already high – expectations.

With the launch of Disney +, the entertainment giant is setting an important course for its future: It makes its content available on stream by itself. On the one hand, Disney competes with established streaming providers such as Netflix – on the other hand, it could also divert cash flows from its own previous TV business.

Disney started the service initially in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. In other European markets Disney + will be available in the coming year. Disney relies on its popular content such as the "Marvel" or "Star Wars" movies to attract viewers. The price set the Group at $ 6.99 per month, well below that of Netflix. It's already the second launch of an ambitious new streaming service within a few weeks: earlier this month, Apple turned off the switch on its Apple TV + service.


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