Vaca Muerta closed October with a slight drop in the level of activity

2023-11-01 15:23:02

Despite the complex national context, the activity in Vaca Muerta showed the inertia that characterizes long-term developments and closed October with a slight drop regarding the star parameter of its measurement: the amount of stages of fractures.

According to the report prepared month after month by the country manager of the NCS Multistage firm, Luciano Fucello, for the Contactos Energético Foundation, During October, a total of 1,331 fracture stages were carried out in the Vaca Muerta developmentswhich are the previous step to put the new wells that have been drilled into production.

This level of work represents a decrease of 4.79% compared to September, but that month it was Vaca Muerta’s historical record with 1,398 punctures. Therefore, if we look beyond the previous month, the level of activity in October It is among the best recorded this yearalthough the ceiling of 1,400 stages per month that had been forecast for this year has not been exceeded.

During the past month There were eight companies that carried out this type of work, the essence of fracking, in its wells, with the peculiarity of showing a very oily passage of the fracture sets from one location to another and companysomething unthinkable a few years ago when companies preferred to have their equipment at their side, even if it was stopped.

As usually happens, YPF It was the company that concentrated the most work in the month with a total of 582 fracture stages completed, which also allowed it to exceed the level of activity it had registered throughout last year, with still two months left until the end of 2023.

Shell was the second most active firm, with 211 punctures, followed by Pluspetrol with 163 and Vista with 136 stages carried out in October. All companies focused on oil production.

The list continues with Pan American Energy (PAE) with 119 stages completed; Tecpetrol con 99, Pampa Energy with 16 and Phoenix Global Resources (PGR) con 5.

The deployment of works made it clear that companies focused on developments aimed at oil productionnot only because the campaign in the gas segment for the winter has already ended, but also in order to take advantage of the best oil export price.

The high level of activity was expected in the oil segment for October following the start-up of a first expansion of the transportation capacity of the Oleoductos del Valle (Oldelval) network which added space to carry 20,000 more barrels per day, both to the country’s main refineries as well as to the export port.

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