Vaccination Campaign Against HPV Virus in Capdenac-Gare College: Essential Information and Updates

2023-12-10 14:31:00

the essentials At the Capdenac-Gare college, the operation to vaccinate 5th grade students against the papillomavirus continues. A first annual campaign which should be repeated.

“Your parents agree that you should be vaccinated. Do you also agree? Do you want me to explain.” At the Voltaire college in Capdenac-Gare, the first national vaccination operation against the HPV virus or human papillomavirus took place this Thursday, which “infect 80% of women and men during their lives” according to the ARS, intended for students of 5th. The latter will be seen again 6 months later, for the second injection.

“On December 12, the first phase of the vaccination campaign will be finalized in the 22 public establishments of Aveyron. We had 350 students who received the consent of both parents, plus the student, to receive the vaccine this year . Or 20% of the department’s 5th grade students, knowing that some of them were already vaccinated”, explains Maxime Poujols, secretary general of the departmental national education services department.

“Breaking inequalities in access to care”

A free operation to “break down inequalities in access to care without any special approach”, according to Benjamin Arnal, director of the ARS. “It is also a mission of the school to work on this inequality of care. It is educational work relayed within the establishments by school nurses,” explains the principal of the college Stéphanie Besombes.

More generally, this operation made it possible to take stock of the students’ vaccination schedule. “Eight students took advantage of the operation to do other reminders,” specifies the representative of national education. The operation will be renewed every year.

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