Valneva: ‘Europe killed me’, -22% plunge to 8.20 euros – 06/13/2022 at 09:49

( – Europe has significantly reduced the number of doses (from 60 million to a few million) that it had declared itself ready to order from Valneva, after having multiplied the ‘requests for information ‘ in a stated concern to ‘take all precautions’.

And this, with a zeal inversely proportional to that which she showed with the RNA inoculum of the American laboratories which only belatedly disclosed data of vital interest – and which turned out to be very negative – on the injunction of justice. American. Europe initially showed very little ‘curiosity’ about the side effects, however numerous and known to US labs from the outset.

Due to a lack of sufficient volumes, Valneva will be forced to abandon the development of its inactivated virus vaccine, which Europe does not yet have and which several countries in Africa or the Middle East have deemed to meet efficacy and safety standards ( marginal side effects).

A ‘2 weights, 2 measures’ which questions but the result is a terrible ‘disappointment’ of the markets which results in a plunge from -22E to 8.2E (-58% since January 1) and the breakout of the floor 9.16E on May 16th. Valneva fills the gap of 8.12E on January 11, 2021 and could retrace the low of 7.25E at the beginning of January 2021 or on 19/12/2020.

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