Vatican City: Pope Francis’ Message of Charity and Love for Overcoming Poverty

2023-11-20 11:06:04

Vatican City: Pope Francis wants Christians to overcome material, cultural and spiritual poverty in the world through charity and love. Poverty is an abusive condition. The Pope added that Christians should use the gifts for charity.

On November 19, the World Day of the Poor, the Pope was giving his message after the Divine Liturgy offered at St. Peter’s Basilica dedicated to the poor around the world.

The poor, the oppressed, the victims of war, the immigrants, the unemployed…, they are not one or two, but a great number. When we think of this great multitude of the poor, the message of the Gospel has great relevance. Do not bury God’s riches. Let us spread alms, share food and double love – the Holy Father reminded.

‘Jesus received all things from the Father’s hands, but did not keep these riches for himself, and did not seize the opportunity to be equal with God, but made himself nothing, took the form of a servant… and healed our wounds as a good Samaritan.

‘Which way are we walking: the path of Jesus who became a gift of himself or the path of selfishness?’ – asked the Pope. The Pope reminded us that we are called to be a gift to others.

‘Unless love around us increases, Life fades into darkness; Our existence will end underground, meaning already dead… Papa warned.

About five thousand people attended the Holy Mass. Then, over a thousand poor people joined the Pope at a luncheon in the Paul VI Hall. The lunch started with everyone thanking God for the moment of friendship and the food together. The dishes were laid out beautifully on the tables decorated with white and yellow flowers.

Lunch was donated by Hilton Hotels in Italy to the program held under the auspices of the Dicastery for the Service of Charity. The Vatican also paid special attention to food diversity as the participants represented different religions and cultures. The theme of this year’s World Day of the Poor was ‘Do not turn away from the poor’.

On the occasion of the day, a free health check-up camp was also held at St. Peter’s Square for the homeless, among others. Treatment plans were also organized with the cooperation of prominent voluntary organizations working in the field of health care.

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