Vehicles must be kept at a distance; Failure to do so will result in a fine in Ajman Vehicles must be kept at a distance; Failure to do so will result in a fine in Ajman

Ajman: Vehicles will be fined if they do not maintain the correct distance on the roads of the emirate. Vehicles that do not keep a safe distance will be fined 400 dirhams and fined four black points, police said.

Many accidents occur on the road due to not following the exact distance defined by the police. Accidents are caused when the rear vehicle does not keep proper distance in the event that the speeding front vehicle has to stop suddenly. Such violations will also be monitored by surveillance cameras installed in various parts of the emirate.

Earlier in the day, police had said they would take stern action against those who exceeded the speed limit on roads in Ajman, including fines, arrests and black points. If the detention law was enforced only for those who cross the red signal or leave the vehicle on the road without renewing the registration, the police have decided to detain the vehicles of those who exceed the speed limit for 15 days. Police said they will take strong action against drivers who do not consider crossing the road. Strict action, including fines, will be taken against speeding drivers in designated areas for crossing the road.

Ajman police are also issuing a stern warning against the tendency to park behind parked vehicles.

Police have warned that action will be taken against those who obstruct the movement of others, including fines. Ajman Police have recently installed a number of new cameras in various parts of the emirate to monitor the situation as part of enhancing road safety.

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