Vendée Globe: “I have experimented with the watermaker, I can finally drink a good coffee”

Engaged in solo racing aboard Yes We Cam !, his old generation sailboat, Jean Le Cam regularly sends news from the ocean. This week, it is in the Atlantic, at 24 ° 02 south and 24 ° 35 west.

“We are Monday 23 November aboard Yes We Cam ! And just imagine that we are in third place among all the boats in the Vendée Globe. Our objective being to be in the top three of the drift boats, well here we are third of all the boats. So there you have it, that’s great news. It’s even something that in your dreams, you can’t even imagine! Well, that’s the reality today.

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“Otherwise, we’re going through a pretty delicate area. Well, we’ll see how it goes. One shot is me, one shot is you. It’s always the same thing. We are located a little further north than the others, we will see what happens at the end, but why not. Otherwise, I experimented with the watermaker because I found that the water was not good. So I tested my two dessals one after the other and it turns out that one of the two was not properly revised. The good news is that the other is working fine and I can finally drink a good coffee.

“Otherwise, energy level, we are positive with hydrogenerators plus solar panels. With the beautiful sunny days that we have, we come to be self-sufficient. Since the start, two weeks ago, I have only charged the engine. I ran it for 1 hour 30 minutes to recharge the batteries and again it was because one of the two hydros was not functional. Now he is.

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“Today we are going to eat Toulouse sausages with mash. So this is going to be a good meal. Otherwise we are obviously on the weather files, looking at each other. Who advances, who does not, with the different options! So ahead, with the first two, Apivia (Charlie Dalin) et LinkedOut (Thomas Rettant), it reminds me of four years ago when the leading group, Hugo Boss (Alex Thomson) and Pop Bank (Armel Le Cléac’h) have left. As we passed South Africa, we were 1,600 miles behind. It must be remembered all the same. Four years ago, it was about the same situation. So we’ll see what will happen.

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“Then, that night, I managed to sleep anyway with very pleasant weather, a trade wind sky with small clouds, small sheep that are lugging around in the sky. Not too many grains this morning; That’s good news because yesterday was a hell of a day with squalls, with everything you can imagine, 60 ° shifts, winds that went from 6 to 12 knots, so very very variable … So very tiring.

“Otherwise, everything is fine on board. We tinker. I had a blocker that worked more, I put it on this morning, I found why. We are trying to put everything in order as we go along to prepare for this crossing in the South. For the moment, it looks pretty good. So Yes We Cam

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Jean Le Cam


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