Venezuelans tell how they lived through the earthquake in Turkey

Two Venezuelans narrated how they lived through one of the most tragic moments that have impacted the world, the strong earthquake of magnitude 7.7 that shook Turkey, Syria and Lebanon on Sunday night, causing the death of more than 11,200 people and almost 55,000 injured.

Francisco Quintero, a Venezuelan residing in Adana, stated that in that town where the “at least 11 buildings collapsed”.

Quintero is at the University of Adana and in an interview with local media, he reported that “At the time of the earthquake I was asleep and it was quite strong, so far we have been outside the dormitories in an area that is only one floor for safety. They have water, electricity, food and all the services”.

The Creole affirmed that he has not left the university for the city, however, he stressed that “People who were left homeless are being transferred to the dormitories.”

He stressed that the first earthquake lasted between 2 and 5 minutes. “In the first period of time it trembled very strongly, compared to the second that was softer”according to the media review.

A horrible experience

On the other hand, Antoine Frangie, a Venezuelan in Lebanon, affirmed that “It was a not at all pleasant experience, a great scare, it was horrible and, above all, because it lasted a long time.”

Remember the building shook. “When the movement ended we went down to the street and there were already people trying to get away from the buildings with their cars”.

Frangie stated that he was asleep when the earthquake began. «I realized that it was a tremor, because it always happens here, but soft. But when it started getting louder, I got out of bed and went to the door frame, which is a safe place.”.

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At that moment, he remembered that he called his sister who lives next door to come over, and the tremor intensified.

So far the tragic episode has left more than 11,200 dead and almost 55,000 injured

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