Vessy’s Geneva EMS affected by ransomware

The revelations of cyberattacks affecting institutions and businesses in French-speaking Switzerland are linked. La Maison de Vessy, a Geneva medico-social establishment (EMS), has been targeted by ransomware, according to an ATS Keystone dispatch taken up by several media. On September 12, the institution’s computer servers were encrypted.

The retirement home ensures that it did not give in to the ransom demand. On the other hand, it turns out that possibly sensitive data has been stolen. It cannot be ruled out that these end up on the darkweb and are subject to malicious use, warns the EMS.

La Maison de Vessy specifies that it called on cybersecurity experts to restore the encrypted data, using a backup made a few days before the attack. The establishment emphasizes having been able to ensure the safety and continuity of the care and treatment administered.

Cyber ​​attacks targeting businesses and institutions in the region are on the rise. The CGN, the Neuchâtel Cantonal Bank or the municipality of Rolle have recently been affected.

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