VICE PRESIDENT – Margarita Cedeño: “The secure victory of Leonel … of Danilo, of Gonzalo, of Margarita”

The Vice President of the Republic Margarita Cedeño said the name of her husband, the presidential candidate for the People’s Force, Leonel Fernández, referring to the “triumph of the Dominican Liberation Party.”

After noting that he had mentioned the name of the former president of the Republic (1996-2000; 2004-2008 and 2008-2012), he immediately mentioned the Dominican president Danilo Medina, who is not a presidential candidate, and later Gonzalo Castillo.

“He is here accompanying us to seal the triumph, the sure victory of Leonel, Danilo, Gonzalo, Margarita, anyway I think it is the PLD at the end that wins, we all win,” said Cedeño, who was chosen by the candidate Presidential Party of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) as his ballot companion.

These statements were given in San Cristóbal, in support of the candidate for mayor Nelson Guillén and the municipal candidates of the government party, ahead of the elections on Sunday, March 15.

Leonel Fernández was president of the Republic three times, presented by the Dominican Liberation Party. He was also the president of that political organization until last October, in 2019, when he resigned to form the Force of the People organization, in the midst of a complaint that he had been made electoral fraud in the primaries of the purple party.

Fernández was defeated in those elections by Gonzalo Castillo, the candidate promoted by President Danilo Medina, archdival of Fernández to the intern of the purple party.


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