Vicky Xipolitakis spoke about the surgeries that Aníbal Lotocki performed on her: “I’m ashamed…”

2023-09-24 15:48:11

This Saturday at We can talk, Vicky Xipolitakis told details of the two surgeries that Aníbal Lotocki performed on her. After the death of Silvina Luna, the model said that she is very scared, but that the studies she recently underwent went well. On the other hand, her sister Stefy is having difficulty moving.

“They studied some parts of my body, but I prefer not to expose it because I did not report it. It works against me that this happened more than 11 years ago. Time is an enemy to denounce. I only called (Fernando) Burlando and told him: ‘If my testimony serves to help other victims and justice is done, count on me’, otherwise I am ashamed to expose it, I prefer it not to be known,” he explained.

The model said that she is “embarrassed” to talk about the issue, but also acknowledged that it took her time to become aware of the situation. “He abuses people’s bodies. “He does what he wants and he gives you what he wants,” she said.

And then he added: “He doesn’t tell you what he’s going to do to you or what he’s going to give you. Over time, I woke up from this whole situation that I experienced, because at the time I had seen myself even prettier. It was the body I dreamed of so much. Today the truth is that I regret it a lot.”

Like Nerina Sist’s testimony, Vicky stated that Lotocki’s contact was circulating among the vedettes. “He also looked for you, he cajoled you because he came and told you: ‘I’m going to make you divine.’ And he didn’t charge you either. He wanted promotion, he uploaded the stories and you trust the professional. Today I see it totally different,” she added.

Towards the end of his presentation, Xipolitakis asked for justice for Silvina and all the victims of Lotocki, whom he called a “murderer.” He also said that her sister Stefy is very worried about the situation and assured that she “has a hard time sitting and standing.”

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