Video: everything about the USB-C port on the iPhones 15/15 Plus and 15 Pro/15 Pro Max!

2023-09-22 17:45:07

It may seem like a simple change of connectors: the Lightning goes out and the USB-C. But, although this doesn’t mean much to many people, we have some good news related to this exchange.

On iPhones 15/15 Plus, in fact, little changes as transfer rates (USB 2.0; 480Mbps) and recharge (up to approx. 27W) of the devices themselves have not changed. Still, we have the possibility of using the iPhone to power/recharge other devices at a power of 4.5W, which is welcome!

With the iPhones 15 Pro/15 Pro Max, things change. With the appropriate cable, we can achieve transfers of USB 3 (10Gbps); Furthermore, we can use an external drive to record videos in ProRes at 4K/60 without using the device’s storage itself.

Check out all these new features — and others, such as the few new features in wireless charging (Qi2/MagSafe) — explained in the video above!

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