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[VIDÉO] Maripier Morin opens up about his alcohol addiction

Maripier Morin speaks openly about his alcohol addiction in a video linked to the launch of a campaign to help people suffering from addiction.

“It’s embarrassing to talk about alcoholism and addiction, because you feel judged,” explains Maripier Morin in the video. We have the impression that we are the only ones with this problem. Me, I felt like that a lot, to have the impression of being a failure, of not understanding why my consumption is always excessive. You feel lonely, you feel isolated, you feel pocketed, ugly, all feelings ashamed. “

Seeds of hope

In association with the entrepreneur Angelo Rubino, she launches the Grains of Hope project whose mission is to raise funds, through the sale of bags of coffee, to fight against addiction.

At the same time, a podcast was also launched. It discusses the themes of addiction and recovery. And, in one episode, An Espresso with Angelo, the host also admitted that she was addicted to cocaine.

The goal of this vast project?

Help addicted people understand that there are resources and centers that can help them.

“For me, Grains d ‘espoir, it is precisely the hope to change the perspectives which one has vis-a-vis the disease of alcoholism and dependence,” she says in the video presented in black and white. I think it’s written in our codes, when we care about someone who doesn’t feel not too much, to say: do you want to have a coffee, would you like us to chat? I think it is known that in an anonymous fraternity, there is coffee that is drunk, it smells of coffee. “

All of the project’s profits will be donated annually to three aid organizations across Quebec.

A promising project

Starting a café was meaningful for Maripier Morin and Angelo Rubino who met – and discussed at length – during an anonymous meeting. Because the vice-president of shoe stores Rubino has been sober for three and a half years.

The host said she was lucky to have understood that she had the disease when she was already in a therapy center. Through this association, she hopes to be able to open a dialogue, “in the same way as we did with mental health”.

By publicly sharing her fight against addiction, she says she wishes other people could identify with her, talk about it, not be ashamed and not isolate themselves in silence.

“In my life, because I stopped using, I saw the magnolia effect,” she adds, looking at the lens. My best friend has stopped using, my father, my little brother. There is like a positive ripple effect happening. “

The three organizations chosen to receive the proceeds from the coffee sale are La Maison Péladeau in Montreal, the Nouveau Point de Vue pavilion on the South Shore, and Center Le Rucher in Quebec City.

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