Video: Rolls Royce shows electric car

Rolls Royce shows electric car

The luxury automaker Rolls Royce unveiled its first fully electric car on Wednesday. The model called “Specter” is a two-door coupe that is smaller and sportier than the rest of the company’s vehicles. The company initially only showed photos of a so-called “Erlkönig”, a model with the sticker still hiding details and contours. The market launch for the electric model is planned for 2023. Until then, extensive tests are to be carried out. The managing director of the Rolls-Royce auto department, Torsten Müller-Ötvös: “Electrification fits our brand perfectly. We don’t define ourselves by roaring engines or a loud exhaust noise. The electric motor is noiseless, powerful and high-torque, it generates what we ‘ ‘waftablity’ and that’s why it fits the brand perfectly. So it’s a bold step, but a step that also fits the brand perfectly. ” Rolls Royce has been experimenting with electric drives for more than a decade. Even before the company was founded in 1904, Henry Royce was manufacturing dynamos and electric motors.


The luxury car manufacturer wants to offer its electric model “Specter” in a few years.

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