VIDEO. Social networks: investigation into new online sectarian aberrations



Video length: 5 min.

France 2

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L. Nahon, F. Blévis, G. Le Goff, H. Pozzo, M. Le Rue, B. Bervas

France 2

France Televisions

New gurus now act thanks to social networks. The mental grip can be intense, while reports to Miviludes explode.

For nine months, Sophie lived under the influence of naturopaths, pseudo-therapists and other conspirators. “It was the worst period of my life, I was a shadow of myself. A few more months, I would probably have committed suicide”, she says. Romain, he saw the mother of his children enlisted by a woman who presents herself as a spiritual guide. 2.0 gurus are flooding the internet with their toxic and dangerous discourse.

Movements that worry Miviludes

For Sophie, it all started during the Covid-19 epidemic. She gets vaccinated and asks herself a lot of questions. She thinks she can find the answers on the Internet. She is made to believe that microchips have been injected into her and that she is going to die. She ends up swallowing chlorine dioxide, a dangerous liquid, supposed to cancel the effects of the vaccine. At the other end of France, Romain is fighting a tough fight because the mother of his children has been caught up in a movement that worries the French authorities a lot, in particular Miviludes in charge of sectarian aberrations.

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