VIDEO: SpaceX rocket explodes in tests to be launched to Mars

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United States / 05.29.2020 17:21:58

Hard reverse for SpaceX and the magnate Elon musk, owner of the space aircraft company. This Friday, during tests carried out in Boca Chica, Texasexploded the SN4 prototype of the ship Starship, just 24 hours before launching the spacecraft with astronauts.

The Space X Raptor rocket was carrying out static ignition tests prior to the first suborbital flights, when apparently a leak caused the tremendous explosion that was recorded in a live streaming which followed the ignition tests step by step in which the aircraft was not scheduled to take off.

Due to the power of the explosion, the SN4 prototype was completely destroyed; with that prototype, SpaceX He had planned to make the first flights already manned.

According to reports from United StatesThe explosion came just two minutes after the ship’s “Raptor” engine caught fire, and from that moment a leak was observed at the bottom of the device. However, the company SpaceX, does not yet report what caused the accident.

Elon Musk obtained permission from the United States authorities just this week, to start with manned flights with the prototype SN4, whose final model is intended to bring astronauts to the moon and Mars.

So far, it has not been reported whether the launch scheduled for this weekend has been canceled, but due to the explosion it is very likely that this will happen indefinitely.


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