Video: the desperation of a plane passenger whose four dogs were lost by the airline

A passenger who was flying to Istanbul experienced a heartbreaking situation when he found out that the airline had lost the four dogs that were traveling with him in the hold. The tourist, with a deep love for his four-legged friends, had a nervous breakdown at the airport, burst into tears and had to be assisted by the local infirmary.

Faced with this situation, the video quickly went viral on the networks, generating empathy, sadness and comfort towards the man.

The users, alarmed, did not hesitate to comment and viralize what happened: “only those of us who love our 4-legged beings know what it feels like”, ‘I don’t wish the panic attack you are experiencing on anyone. I hope I find them’.

Along these lines, users expressed that this type of case is increasingly recurring, from pets that end up lost to some situations in which they die crushed by luggage: “You will never be able to understand this kind of video, until you have the happiness to live that love’, ‘I almost cried, I understand your desperation, hopefully it will help the airlines have a better service and be careful’.

A happy ending for the man and his 4-legged friends

After several hours of uncertainty and despair, the passenger received the best news: his puppies were found on a stopover in Switzerland, the place where the tourist had gotten off before arriving in Istanbul, Turkey.

From there they processed the urgent transport of the 4 dogs, assuring their owner that they would have them that same night.

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