VIDEO. The Wolf got up early and was left undefeated and without a point

Special envoy to Tucumán

The aim of a long game that Gimnasia took to Tucumán lasted only 13 seconds. He had no time to adjust when Rodrigo Rey’s long rebound headed him into the Augusto Lotti goal. Nothing had happened and the story was uphill for the Wolf. No one could believe it, not even the Tucuman fans themselves who were celebrating the fastest goal of the tournament. It was a false step for the albiazul team, who lost 2-0 in their visit to Tucumán, resigned a long unbeaten run of 12 dates and the lead in the Professional League.

Gymnastics tried to get out and the local team looked for the long game from the balls of Ramiro Carrera for Lotti and the mobile Ramiro Ruíz Rodríguez. Lobo’s intention to make a stand collided with a closed corner by Joaquín Pereyra and was hit by Rodrigo Rey and the ball hit the union of the post and the crossbar.

Brahian Alemán tried to become the owner of the team, but Gymnastics could not find a connection with their forwards. And getting ahead meant exposing yourself to fast forwards attacking space. Atlético, firm in defense, lowered the intensity taking advantage of the fact that the visit did not have too many ideas to approach Bolivian Lampe’s goal.

At 33′ the Tripero finally arrived, thanks to the intelligence of Alemán who took a shot from the top hat and forced a good reaction from Lampe. Pusineri’s team responded with an arrival from Ruiz Rodriguez and Rey took the second out of Lotti’s crop after a cross from Ciro Rius.

The Wolf’s attempts collided with Lampe’s security. The team from Tucuman had control of the game and Gymnastics was subject to Aleman’s inventiveness or some still ball. A header from Soldano was easy for the goalkeeper. Atlético’s response was a pirouette by Ruíz Rodríguez to which the crossbar said no.

Beyond the “locker room goal” Atlético justified the partial victory with the passing of the minutes. His fans even had a taste of little with the partial 1-0. Gymnastics went to the locker room with concerns after the first 45 minutes.

At the start of the complement, Ramirez’s mischief earned Lampe a corner and Brahian Alemán almost scored it, but the goalkeeper’s saving slap appeared to maintain the advantage on the scoreboard.

It was the worst face of Gorosito’s team in the tournament. The criticism is that he did not look like himself

More ambitious Gymnastics in the second half. It seemed like another team, from the position on the field, the pressure and the intensity to press. With a charge in a corner kick Piris and Soldano couldn’t. Gymnastics began to worry the Tucuman team.

However, a run by Ramiro Ruíz Rodríguez that beat the crossing by Oscar Piris ended with a great definition before Rey’s exit. With the 2 to 0 the local seemed to settle the lawsuit. He regained control of the game and began turning the game against the triple goal again.

Néstor Gorosito moved the bank with the entry of Matías Miranda for Lautaro Chávez but Gymnastics continued to be imprecise. Only the not always successful intentions of the Uruguayan Alemán.

Guillermo Enrique tried to go to the front in a team with many ups and downs / Gymnastics Press

Tomás Muro instead of Ramón Sosa was Pipo’s other decision, in addition to the name for name defense, Germán Guiffrey (returned after three months) to replace Oscar Piris. In any case, the healthy mens team never managed to be comfortable in the match.

After a series of mistakes by the albiazul defense, Joaquín Pereyra had the third with a free kick that went over the crossbar. The changes in the premises served to dismiss several headlines with applause, while the Wolf continued to deepen his impotence.

It was the worst face of Gorosito’s team in the championship. Aside from the early goal, she lacked the intensity that characterizes the healthy mens game. It even seemed that the Tucuman players were faster when in reality they were precise. The worst criticism for the Wolf is that he didn’t look like himself.

Without being able to fight the game, he also did not know how to take advantage of the moments in which the midfield of Pereyra and company left spaces for Gmnasia to handle the ball. Without dynamics, he seemed lukewarm and never found the association, not for the last pass, but to break and change the rhythm. He played almost always the same and paid dearly for it.

Thus came the final whistle for Darío Herrera. Gymnastics lost well and Gorosito appealed to Fat Garisto’s old axiom: “Neither disaster when we lose nor phenomena when we win”. And so it is, although the defeat in Tucumán did not leave positive things.

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