Video. They assault combi in Edomex and take even the Sabritas

The assault to a passenger van was captured by vehicle cameras on January 15.

This time, they were three subjects who stripped the belongings of the passengers who were circulating in the territory of the Mexico state; however, the transport route is unknown.

“Give me your cell phone or I’ll break your f… mother,” one of the assailants told a female passenger as he snatched her mobile phone.

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The other two raiders They took care of taking their cell phones and money and other belongings from the other passengers.

A woman who carried among her belongings a bag of Sabritas potato chips She was also stripped of her snack by the subject who was wearing a yellow, white and black jacket.

After threats and insults, the three thieves took purses, wallets and cell phones from public transport users.

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Another security camera installed behind the driver’s seat showed that one of the assailants took the “marimba” from the driver.

Until now, it is unknown detention of individuals.

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