VIDEO: This could be the iPhone Fold, Apple’s first folding phone

The tech giant is reportedly already testing the device, which could hit the market in September 2022.

The ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel posted a video with a three-dimensional representation of what the iPhone Fold could look like, the first folding phone from the Apple company.

In the recording, created by 3D artist Svyatoslav Alexandrov, you can see the screen of the new device in operation, as well as a close-up of the back that places special emphasis on the cameras of the device.

In the images you can see in detail “the most powerful 5nm mobile chip A15 Bionic. “It also shows how to open and close the iPhone Fold, which is represented in different colors, including black and red.

The description of the video indicates that the new Apple phone will have a touch ID sensor on both screens, a faster Face ID function, a new level camera system with a LiDAR 2 sensor and four speakers.

‘Dual screen’

The iPhone 13 could have a long-awaited technology that Android already has since 2009

Likewise, it is highlighted that the iPhone Fold will have the best camera under the screen, fifth generation technology (5G) and a long-lasting battery with fast charging of up to 50% in just fifteen minutes.

Last July, Apple got a patent for foldable ‘dual screen’ devices that could provide visual notifications of messages and calls even when they are closed, by means of a kind of double screen that would allow part of it to remain visible.

A few months later it was reported that the tech giant is already testing its first foldable device, while evaluating what type of screen to use: an OLED or a micro-LED. It is believed that the mobile phone could be launched in September 2022.

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