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Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes F1 invited the children to a factory tour and set up a disguise.

Lewis Hamilton invites three kids interested in engineering to a factory tour. I put on special make-up, disguised myself as one of the engineers, and waited at “Race Bay”.

Hamilton in disguise approaches the machine when children come in and asks, “Are you sure?”

“This car is a Lewis machine and no one can touch it. The wheels can only be touched by Lewis. No one is allowed,” he said, taking the steering wheel out of the car.

The child listens with a laugh, “That person is touching.”

When Hamilton in disguise asked, “You don’t get sick,” the children said, “I don’t.”

Then Hamilton in disguise said, “I’ll tell you why I touch it. I’m sorry, but I’m Lewis.”

The children were impressed with “I met Lewis Hamilton,” “It’s like a dream,” and “I’m about to cry.”

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