Viedma evaluates more austere parties and holiday camps

2023-12-15 11:21:41

The difficult economic situation, but above all the uncertainty, puts at risk different activities that were a hallmark of Viedma’s summers.

Prior to the change of command in the municipality, the holding of the national festivals of the Sea and Acampante, in El Cóndor, and the Río, in Viedma, was questioned. At least with the magnitude of the latest editions.

Yesterday, in statements to LU 15, Mayor Marcos Castro added that the traditional holiday camps for children and adults will undergo changes and will be “more local.”

The reasons are explained in the cost, since for years a well-oiled mechanism has been carried out with the Neighborhood Councils and a long route of groups to increase participation.

The program included gatherings on the river, in the El Barco Hundido area, on the Unter property, at the Education pool and visits to El Cóndor and La Loberia.

The idea that is being analyzed now is to make something smaller and the spaces of the Boards in the different neighborhoods.

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