Villalba General Hospital joins the training of resident doctors


The General University Hospital of Villalba joins the training of resident doctors after having obtained accreditation from the Ministry of Health for Urology, Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Traumatology and Radiology, as well as Family and Community Medicine.

“For us, as a hospital, this is great news,” congratulated the head of studies and the Cardiology Service, Dr. Felipe Navarro, who highlighted the “hard work” carried out to become a training hospital.

Specifically, it has obtained the accreditation for the training of residents in the Urology, Ophthalmology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Traumatology and Radiology Services, as well as for four residents of Family and Community Medicine for the Primary Care area in its area of health.

“In principle, we have requested those accreditations for which we believe we are better prepared, and probably next year we will have some more that we are working on,” said the specialist, who pointed out that they had been marked as a milestone to meet the to have resident doctors.

“We have taken advantage of the last two years to prepare and organize the documentation that was required of us. It has been a long and complicated process, but rewarding because we have achieved our goal,” added Navarro, who has highlighted the “desire” to train who have the staff of the center, “which combines youth and experience.”

The doctor has also praised the possibility of training as a specialist “in a high-quality environment, with great closeness to doctors and patients, something that is increasingly important in the practice of Medicine” and the contribution that it has for patients the fact of having resident doctors.

“Residents are not incorporated arbitrarily, but there is a specific training program by which they are tutored at all times and will always attend to patients under supervision. It is the job of the hospital and the doctors to maintain trust and good communication with the patients “, has emphasized.

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