Violence in Rosario: the president of the Santa Fe Court said that “control of the territory was lost”

Daniel Erbettapresident of the Supreme Court of Justice of the province of Santa Fe, spoke about the violence and insecurity that has plagued the city of Rosario and considered that the situation is chaotic, while calling for police reform. “In Rosario, control of the territory has been lost”said.

“It seemed that we had hit rock bottom and we continue to seek more and more depth. It seems to me that nobody can look the other way,” said the magistrate in a radio interview. LT 8 from Rosario.

At the beginning of this week, three cases of shootings were registered in which two people died, among the many other cases that are registered daily in that city.

Erbetta considered that “violence and drug trafficking cannot be accepted as if nothing could be changed”, and said that this situation “questions politics and the three powers of the State”.

Daniel Erbetta.

They shot at a health center in Rosario and the mayor had to suspend an official act

As he analyzed, “three major actors are involved in this conflict: the police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Penitentiary.” “In some of these three sectors there are more problems than in others, and instructions for shootings and extortions, commissioned crimes continue to be issued from prison,” he said.

In the province, he also said that crime reached the highest-ranking police officers: “There are many police chiefs and police officers who are convicted, others are subject to prosecution. They are convicted because they not only provided protection, but in some cases have come to manage these businesses jointly with the sectors that control the streets and make use of violence”.

In the early hours of this Wednesday, February 8, criminals shot at the Municipal Center of the Emilia Bertolé Southwest District and the mayor of the city, Paul Javkinhad to suspend an official act, between claims to the provincial Security Minister and the government for greater police presence.

“Today we were wondering, what do the police say? It does not work any more. What was announced in December, in January was no longer fulfilled. It was an announcement that the governor and the mayor made,” Javkin complained, adding: “It’s not that I doubt the police, it’s that they’re not there.”

Paul Javkin
The mayor of Rosario, Pablo Javkin.

The request for police reform and political control of the security forces

“This is not going to change if the problem is not accepted, if it is not recognized. If it is not assumed, I will never be able to think of a solution and this has to be done by politics, ”considered the president of the Santa Fe Court.

“There were police and security reform projects in Santa Fe that implied greater modernization, democratization and strong political control of the police force. There may be nuances, but a kick-off is needed for the discussion of police reform. The current structure the police are behind,” he warned.

For this, he called for “a police reform, to review the regulations of the penitentiary system, to strengthen the Public Prosecutor’s Office” and said that this “demands the intervention of the Executive Power, the Judicial Power and fundamentally the Legislature of the province.”

It was at that point that he mentioned the situation in Germany and compared it to what happens in Rosario with drug trafficking. “Hamburg is the main port of entry for drugs in Germany and the German police know it perfectly, the market is regulated and there are limits, neither deaths, nor financing of politics with this money. This situation does not occur in the city of Rosario, control of the territory has been lost.”

In this context, he explained that in order to reverse the violence “a political commitment is required and from the public powers, to leave elections aside for a moment, electoral speculation, and that once and for all we sit down to agree on a strategy sustained over time”.


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