Violent Road Rage Incident on B33: Help Identify the Perpetrator and Report Witness Accounts | Konstanz Police

2023-06-26 20:42:00

First there was harassment on the road, then physical injury in the middle of the B33: On Saturday, June 24, a previously unknown driver freaked out around 2 p.m. The police headquarters in Konstanz informed about this in a press release.

Accordingly, a 28-year-old driver drove his BMW on the B33 from Constance in the direction of Allensbach. At the junction of the L220 and the B33 (stop there), a previously unknown man driving behind him suddenly overtook the 28-year-old and braked him to a standstill at Hegne.

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The stranger got out of his car and approached the 28-year-old’s vehicle. He forcefully pushed down the vehicle’s electronic window and hit his face three times with his fist. He then got back into his car, a blue Peugeot registered in Sankt Gallen (SG license plate), and drove away on the B33 in the direction of Allensbach.

The BMW driver was previously driving in violation of traffic regulations

According to another, uninvolved witness, the 28-year-old, who was hit in the face, was already noticed on the B33 shortly after leaving Konstanz due to driving contrary to traffic.

Witnesses who can provide information about the driving behavior of the BMW driver or the unknown driver of the blue Peugeot with a Sankt Gallen number plate and the physical injury in the Hegne area are asked to contact the Konstanz police station on 07531 9950.

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