VIP vaccines: the opposition became more visible than in the other marches against the Government

Alfredo Cornejo, head of the UCR, in the march for the 27F in Mendoza

They all came so spontaneous to the Plaza de Mayo. Little by little, without organization. Lots of middle class. A lot common people. Many youths. With varied claims (from the vaccine scandal, corruption and pressures on the Justice to inflation and the economic crisis), but with the same desire to protest.

That postcard of the main stage of the mobilization, in front of the Casa Rosada, was the one who tried to take advantage of the opposition with the presence of a large delegation, perhaps the most important since the flags began, but again, as happened with the 2020 protests, nobody could keep the political revenue.

The call to demonstrate against the VIP vaccination emerged once again from the networks. Together for Change He decided not participate organically and leave the decision to march or not in the hands of each leader. “It is an individual decision and each one will do what they consider appropriate”, said the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, in the press conference that the opposition coalition gave last Wednesday. A few hours later, it was the first to confirm that I would go, as he did since the first street protest against the Government, a year ago.

This time, however, they joined in with a lot greater exposure that in other marches the president of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo, who joined the mobilizations in Mendoza, and the head of the Civic Coalition, Maximiliano Ferraro, who was in the Plaza de Mayo with other deputies of his party as Juan López, Mariana Zuvic, Mónica Frade, Paula Oliveto Y Mariana Stillman.

PRO leaders such as Patricia Bullrich and Cristian Ritondo in the 27F mobilization in the Plaza de Mayo

PRO leaders such as Patricia Bullrich and Cristian Ritondo in the 27F mobilization in the Plaza de Mayo

“It is important to listen and accompany the citizens Ferraro argued to Infobae-. Values ​​and ideas that we defend in Together for Change, but they do not belong to a single space. It is important that these manifestations are made for non-violence and peace ”. And he added: “We must not renounce dignity and the idea that hope and the future are possible, even though today there is anguish and anger ”.

A few minutes after leaving the Plaza de Mayo, López pointed directly to the Casa Rosada: “The Government has to understand that, beyond the crowd, the anger of the people is real, it is great and fair.”

It also appeared, from Twitter, Mauricio Macri. “Excited and happy to see how Argentines mobilize once again, showing that they will not allow abuses and abuses by the Government ”, published the former president.

As happened in every opposition protest, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta He remained silent, but he did appear in the Plaza de Mayo Cristian Ritondo, the head of the PRO deputies bloc, a member of the moderate wing of Juntos por el Cambio, as well as the Buenos Aires head of government. As a symbol of the internal truce in the coalition, the deputy was shown together with Bullrich, representative of the hard of JxC. It seemed like an impossible photo.

Alvaro Zicarelli, from the Nueva Centro Derecha group, and Javier Milei, economist and leader of the Avanza Libertad Front

Alvaro Zicarelli, from the Nueva Centro Derecha group, and Javier Milei, economist and leader of the Avanza Libertad Front

“This # 27F emerged, like other Republican marches, on social networks, which gives it a incontestable democratic legitimacy because they have summoned Argentines outraged by the amount of abuses and embezzlements that the Government commits -said Ritondo-. People on the street not only repudiate VIP vaccination, but also attacks on Justice, journalism and the opposition. The Government appeals to undemocratic resources to get out of the political crisis that it generated due to its lack of suitability and because of its decision not to respect those who should first vaccinate ”.

Bullrich also had a suggestive reunion before the Pyramid of May with the economist Javier Milei, of the Avanza Libertad Front, after having argued on a TV program. “The citizens who marched feel injustice, indignation and anguish. I hope the President listens and apologizes to the Argentines, “said the head of the PRO, accompanied by the deputy. Fernando Iglesias, the dancer Maximiliano Guerra and the unionist Marcelo Peretta.

Cornejo, for his part, he marched in the city of Mendoza together with his bench colleague Louis petri and noted: “I hope the Government listens to this claim from the Argentines. There is great outrage over the VIP vaccination and the lack of respect for the laws. As leaders we accompany and participate so that their claims are represented ”.

Hernán Lombardi, hugging in Plaza de Mayo

Hernán Lombardi, hugging in Plaza de Mayo

One of the radical leaders who was seen in the Plaza de Mayo and chatted with the protesters was the national senator Martin Lousteau: “We came to support this genuine claim that was born from society because we continue waiting for those who were vaccinated to apologize and it was not theirs “, He said.

The PRO leader Hernan Lombardi was accompanied in the Plaza de Mayo by the actor Luis Brandoni, as in the previous banners: “The protest was very strong. Lots of middle and lower middle class. There is a great need to express anger against privilege ”, sentenced the former head of the Public Media System.

They were also in the mobilization Ricardo López Murphy and other leaders of the United Republican Party such as Yamil Santoro, Agustín Etchebarne Y Marina Kienast. “Beyond having made the first criminal complaint that gave rise to the accusation of Ginés González García, we are going to continue working on the judicial file so that there is justice and there is no impunity. They are not going to get away with it, ”Santoro warned.

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