Viral video | “I was very angry”: professional chess player fell from a chair after losing a competition | VIRAL

Pawel Teclaf is a renowned Polish chess player who has become a trend on YouTube and other platforms. , after falling from a chair after losing in the FIDE (International Chess Federation) World Blitz Championship, which was held in Warsaw. The moment was captured in a and in this note you can see it.

The man in this story was playing a game with Tigran Petrosian for round 10 of the contest. After making a mistake and seeing that it made it possible for his opponent to beat him, he felt a lot of frustration.

It is for that reason that Pawel lost his balance and fell out of his chair. Petrosian tried to stop him, but couldn’t. Fortunately, Teclaf was not hit hard and got up almost immediately to give the winner a handshake.

“I was very angry, but when I watched the video, it was fun”, the chess player told FIDE after his defeat, according to reports . “Usually I swing in my chair because I like it, and that was the first time I fell.”added.

The video of his fall was shared a few days ago on YouTube by the canal . To be exact, on December 30, 2021. Due to everything it shows, the clip has already been replicated on various social networks.


According to the information provided by , Pawel Teclaf was born on June 18, 2003. He is a Polish chess player who in 2019 obtained the title of International Master by FIDE.


According to the article “Laws of chess” from , chess is a game for two players on a board with 32 pieces (16 for each player) of six types. Each piece moves differently. The object of the game is to checkmate, that is, to threaten the opponent’s king with capture until it is unavoidable.


Chess is considered by the International Olympic Committee as a sport, and international competitions are regulated by FIDE.


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