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BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – From the perspective of virologist Christian Drosten, the new corona virus has not yet spread widely in Germany. The population as a whole was not heavily infected – despite the high and rising number of reports, the Charité scientist said on Tuesday in the NDR podcast. He dampened hopes that antibody tests would now find a large number of people who had already passed the infection unnoticed. “It won’t turn out that way.”

Drosten referred to his own tests and reports from colleagues in other countries. “You don’t find a surprising number of undetected genuinely positive antibody results,” he said. Antibodies are considered an indicator of a recent infection. Such studies are now required at the beginning of the epidemic, the virologist said. On the other hand, spot examinations are “really senseless”, as there has so far been a random distribution of infections./ggr/DP/fba


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