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Vitamin B12 deficiency..Causes and symptoms

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The German Dietetic Association said the body needs vitamin B12 for energy metabolism, blood cell formation, and the building of nerve sheaths.

The association explained that the lack of vitamin B12 in the body has several causes, including chronic digestive diseases (such as Crohn’s disease and celiac disease), diabetes medications, and alcohol consumption.

The association added that the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency in the body are tingling in the arms and feet, muscle weakness, instability of gait, tendency to fall and nerve problems, in addition to general symptoms such as fatigue, headache and poor concentration.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can be countered by eating foods rich in it such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products.

In case of severe deficiency, nutritional supplements containing vitamin B12 can be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

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