VP-Keri ad Violence against women: Men, show your “fighter’s heart”

2023-12-06 18:58:35

Campaign against violence against women is reaching its finale – comprehensive violence prevention is necessary in Vienna

Vienna (OTS) “We will only be able to prevent violence against women if we work together. To do this, we need men and women as well as a broad discourse across ideological party boundaries,” said local councilor Sabine Keri, women’s spokesperson for the Vienna People’s Party and regional chairwoman of the Viennese women, on the occasion of the current media reporting on the ‘Show your fighter’s heart’ campaign – and further: “The topic is far too important to engage in party-political hijinks here.”

As part of the 16 Days Against Violence, the Viennese women, together with the Vienna People’s Party, are drawing attention to ways in which women can protect themselves from violence and men can use their ‘fighter’s heart’ against violence: “It’s about civil courage. Every single man can take simple measures to help increase awareness and prevent attacks or acts of violence. “Both at work, in the gym or online on social media,” Keri continued. The aim of the initiative is also to appeal to men through creative communication. This is intended to create a low inhibition threshold for dealing with the issue of “violence against women”. It will also show you how you can help yourself.

It is also clear that the Vienna city government must take further measures within its sphere of influence: “Violence prevention must particularly target young people, and as early as possible. “That’s why we’ve been advocating for comprehensive violence prevention in schools for years,” Keri concluded.

Campaign elements – create awareness online and offline

The subjects of the “Kämpferherz” initiative can be found all over Vienna and are primarily intended to encourage men to take a stand against violence against women. The campaign also includes information for women in the form of brochures and activities throughout Vienna. In addition, women’s sanitary rooms will also be equipped with a poster and a QR code for the silent emergency call app DEC 112. Attention is also being drawn to the issue online as part of the 16 Days Against Violence. All details about the campaign as well as all tips for men and women are available online at frau.wien.

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