VSV Hockey Team Triumphs over Innsbruck Haie with 5-2 Victory

2023-09-22 21:48:24

The “Adlers” also remained victorious in the third game of the season: This time Alexander Rauchwald and Co. defeated the offensively strong Innsbruck “Haie” with 5:2 goals. Very strong: Robert Sabolic with a brace and goalie Rene Swette with a brilliant performance!

Two games, two wins, plus league leaders – the “Adlers” started the season better this year than they have for a long time. The “Haien”, the currently strongest offensive team, made a guest appearance in the Villach town hall. And the blue-whites, for whom Rene Swette started in goal, continued where they had last left off against Bozen: with quick attacks from a compact defense. The Innsbruck defenders with Alexander Rauchwald and Co. were in dire straits. It took less than four minutes for the first cheers to erupt in the town hall and the blue-whites took the lead: Andrew Desjardins perfectly served Robert Sabolic, who shot straight away and the disc fidgeted into the net to make it 1-0. The equalizer came out of nowhere barely 60 seconds later: Kele Steffler deflected the puck, which was unstoppable for VSV goalie Rene Swette, to make it 1-1. But that didn’t seem to unsettle the home team at all, on the contrary: in the 8th minute, Sabolic scored a brace – again after preparatory work by Desjardins. This time he hit the puck with a wrist shot into the top corner for a 2-1 lead. But that wasn’t all in the starting third: In the 18th minute of the game, Alexander Rauchwald grabbed the puck in the neutral zone, moved up and away and sank the puck with a pointless shot in the short top corner – 3-1. Innsbruck goalie Evan Buitenhuis had absolutely no chance.

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The middle third began with the “Eagle” playing outnumbered. Philipp Lindner had to sit in the penalty box for two minutes because of tripping. But the Innsbruck team remained harmless and the VSV survived this phase with one less man. But the Innsbruck team continued to fight doggedly and tried to force a goal with quick attacks. But they always found their match in VSV goalie Rene Swette. The blue-whites, on the other hand, didn’t have to be asked twice: a McPherson shot from the blue line was deflected under the crossbar by an Innsbruck defender to make it 4-1 (32′). Five seconds before the end of the middle third, the guests were able to score a second time in the power play: Anders Krogsgaard sank the puck into the net (40th).

In the final section, the guests came out of the locker room with a lot of new energy and repeatedly appeared dangerously in front of the Villach goal. During this phase, VSV goalie Rene Swette was at the center of the action several times, but he could no longer be defeated. After Innsbruck’s brief flash in the pan, the blue and whites continued to dominate the match. Alex Wall finally closed the bag 16 seconds before the end with the empty net goal to make it 5:2.

EC iDM heat pumps VSV – HC TIWAG Innsbrucker – the sharks 5:2
Goals: Sabolic (4th, 8th), Rauchwald (18th), McPherson (32nd), Wall (60th); Steffler (5th), Krogsgaard (40th PP)

Photos: VSV / Krammer

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