Waitress wants date, gets number from Corona list – reader

Jakob L. from Vienna went to a trendy bar in Vienna with friends. The next day the cell phone rang – it was the waitress’s turn.

This evening will “Today”– Don’t forget reader Jakob L. again anytime soon. With a couple of friends he went to a hip bar in a side street of Vienna’s Mariahilferstrasse, the group dutifully filled out the Corona guest list, drank a beer or two, had a vibe with the waitress and disappeared again. The next day, Jakob’s cell phone rang.

“I thought she was cute”

“Hello, this is yesterday’s waitress,” said a woman on the other side of the line, Jakob recalls. “That was actually fine with me, I thought she was cute,” said the 25-year-old in conversation with “Today”, but he was sure he hadn’t given the waitress his number. “I asked her where she got my number from and she said she got it from the corona list”. He was not very sure about it – but in this case it turned into a date. Whether the waitress got the right number, or actually wanted to meet someone else from the group, will show when they meet again.

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