Wanda Vázquez assures that “the plebiscite goes” despite the rejection of federal Justice

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced assured that she will hold the plebiscite, despite the fact that the federal Justice Department did not approve the funds for the status consultation.

During a tour of the municipality of Mayagüez after the passage of the Isaías storm, the first executive assured: “What can I say to the Puerto Rican people in Puerto Rico and the United States that the plebiscite is going, that the will of the people is going to be heard in Puerto Rico and wherever it may be. “

Assures will identify the $ 2.5 million

Also, the governor stated that they will identify the money to carry it out. “There have been some consultations since 2014, it is very easy to say, I am going to allocate $ 2.5 million, but what is the real will to give the $ 2.5 million, why so many restrictions, if it is the people of Puerto Rico who have to decide if they want statehood or not? “, exposed to questions from the press.

“The ballot is determined by the Puerto Rican people, and the vote is determined by the Puerto Rican people,” he added.

The expressions of Wanda Vázquez, occurred after a tour of the municipality of Mayagüez after the passage of storm Isaías.

Rejection of federal Justice

Al Department of Justice American refused to authorize $ 2.5 million to defray the celebration of the plebiscite ‘statehood yes or no’ that the administration of the non-progressive government approved to carry out on November 3, parallel to the general elections.

Among the federal agency’s objections was that the request filed by the State Election Commission (CEE) “It did not provide enough time to complete the multi-step process that the (Justice) Department must follow before releasing the funds.” The Law 51-2020, through which the consultation was approved at the local level, established June 30 as the deadline to complete the federal financing procedures.

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