Wanda Vázquez evaluates draft executive order that will address the increase in femicides and cases of gender violence

The governor Wanda Vazquez Garced evaluates the draft of the new executive order that, it is expected, will sign shortly to address the marked increase in femicides and cases of gender violence in Puerto Rico.

As indicated by the president in a written communication sent by Strength, the order not only works with a statement on the problem of violence against women in Puerto Rico, but also has mechanisms for supervision and for the participation of women’s groups and organizations that will work with public agencies and non-governmental organizations in the implementation of the action plan.

The aforementioned action plan, according to La Fortaleza, includes strategies aimed at prevention and education, as well as the “compilation of statistical data that will be used to carry out an analysis of the problem.” In addition, it will include mechanisms to identify and distribute the resources available and establish a “baseline”, or reference, to be used as a measure of future effectiveness.

Vázquez Garced revealed the existence of the draft executive order on October 1 during an interview on a Univision newscast in Orlando, Florida. At that time, he explained that he held multiple meetings with different sectors of the population and different organizations.

“Violence against women is a social problem that threatens the dignity, human rights and integrity of all women; girls, adolescents, elderly women and all of them in their diversity. It is our mission to do everything in our power to clearly implement the measures to eradicate it. We recognize that violence does not distinguish between sex, race, color, sexual orientation, social, economic and religious status. However, last year, 70% of the incidences of domestic violence cases in Puerto Rico were against women. We will tackle abuse, inequality and impunity. No more! It is everyone’s responsibility and a collective effort of the country ”, highlighted Vázquez Garced in the letter.

Among the organizations that presented proposals that were integrated into this action plan are Women Leaders of Puerto Rico, Women in Adversity, the Wings for Women Foundation, Women for Puerto Rico and the Feminist Collective under Construction, he Health Justice Center, the Network of Hostels Y Coordinator of Peace for Women, among other.


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