Wantim MUI Urges People Not to Be Noisy in Establishing Fasting Sahur – 2024-03-28 09:23:35

A number of residents play tambourine musical instruments around the village (Antara)

THE WORSHIP OF Ramadan fasting actually provides peace for the people who carry it out. However, the viral video regarding the activities of a group of people who wake up for sahur in a way that actually disturbs the peace of the community eliminates the true essence of fasting.

Deputy Chairman of Wantim MUI Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi regretted that the activity of waking up for sahur disturbed other people. Everyone now has a time reminder device such as an alarm to wake up.

“In my opinion, building sahur in this way is no longer appropriate, and it’s time to put things in order. Now almost everyone has a time reminder device or alarm to wake up sleeping people. Whether the alarm is from a clock or a cell phone,” said Zainut Tauhid via written statement to Media Indonesia, Wednesday (27/3).

Previously, it went viral on social media about the activities of residents who woke up for sahur but were rejected by other residents because they were considered to be disturbing the condition of local residents.

According to Zainut Tauhid, in the past, this method might have been appropriate, when there were no sophisticated tools to wake people up, but in the current era, such methods should be abandoned.

“The intention of waking people up for sahur is good, but it must be in a good way. It must not be in a way that disturbs the order and peace of society.

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We live in a diverse society, including ethnicity, customs, culture and religion. “For this reason, we must develop an attitude of tolerance, tepo seliro, wisdom and wisdom in living together,” stressed the former Deputy Minister of Religion.

He reminded us that we must treat others fairly. Not everyone has the obligation to fast. It may be that some of our relatives do not fast because of different religions, some are sick, there are babies, children or there are people who need to rest because they work all day and there are still many people who have other needs so they need a calm atmosphere to rest at night. .

So, he continued, it should not be in the name of tradition, but in practice it could cause disputes in society and even disturb public peace and order. Religion prohibits everything that can cause harm, suffering and harm to other people.

“For this reason, we appeal to religious leaders, ustadz, kyai to provide education to the public to abandon this method of waking up for sahur. It is better to replace it with activities that are more beneficial and do not harm the community,” concluded Zainut. (Z-8)

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