“War room”: who are those who organize Biden’s legal response to appeals?

Hundreds of lawyers are on the bridge day and night to intervene in the courts against Republican appeals, 118 to date. Herculean work.

A general, a veteran, and an army of lawyers. This was necessary to face the legal crusade promised by Donald Trump, even before the presidential election of November 3. And respond to the Republican leader’s false fraudulent trials on Twitter and to real recourse to the courts, already 118 legal actions (including before the election) as of November 15. The outgoing president is still chipping away at the victory of Joe Biden: “I DO NOT CONCEDED ANYTHING! The road is still long”, he launched again this Sunday on his favorite social network, as a warning to the rival camp.

Never mind, the admiral of the Democratic defense is enduring. Dana Remus, once captain of the Harvard rowing team, awarded best athlete at her university in 1997, has undoubtedly remembered in recent days her grandfather’s adage: “What deserves to be done deserves to be done well. ” The Obama Foundation’s chief legal officer – married to Barack himself – has made legal ethics her specialty. An ideal CV for organizing the counterattack. Beside her, a former adviser, like her, in the White House. Known as the white wolf in American courts, Bob Bauer is an expert in electoral disputes: he was already in the Democratic ranks for the epic “Florida Recount of 2000, during the presidential match Bush vs. Gore.

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