Was it really better in the city before? Residents of Riga began to suspect something

“This will be a controversial tweet, but Riga (which I love, admire and praise abroad more than it should) shone during Neil’s reign. Okay, those were different times, some kind of scams, etc., but there was movement and life. Just my observation from the outside as a musician/resident of Riga,” he wrote.

Commentators see other problems affecting Riga: “What is happening now is, rather, the consequences of covid and war. In comparison, life “before this” seems bright and carefree. The “Consent” gang has no merit in this.”

Maris Plaum has his own conclusions: “In those days, Riga was full of Russians from Russia. And more Europeans came here. Now we really don’t want the former to be here, and the latter to think that bombs are exploding here and there is a war going on.” Plus there was Covid between them. We can try to bring the Europeans back, but it will be difficult.”

Martins Stakis also joined the discussion: “There were similar opinions after 2008, when a severe financial crisis broke out in Latvia. But this does not justify the fact that they refuse good offers and do not look for new ones! For example, an already developed window program was simply excluded from the budget. But this week I will come with a new proposal for the revival of Old Riga. Maybe this will be supported.”

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2024-04-14 04:02:32

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