Was Michelangelo the Banksy of the Renaissance?


Updated:18/11/2020 17: 21h


It was Michelangelo Buonarroti a Renaissance graffiti artist? An Italian historian believes that the Tuscan artist’s hand carved a caricature of a man from a stone placed on the facade of the Palazzo Vecchio, headquarters of the Florentine Town Hall in the Plaza de la Señora. New evidence leads to the belief that a popular legend that attributes to him the silhouette of a man with curly hair, who anonymously and covertly would have chiseled the genius of the Renaissance, could be true. In addition to talking about the great artistic and historical splendor in the past of the Tuscan capital, cradle of the Renaissance, the tour guides also tell some legends and curiosities of its monuments. Among them that of a small profile


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