Watch .. a guard swings to his feet and falls next to the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Hall

Exclusive Mercy: A guard fainted while standing on the podium next to the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II inside the Palace of Westminster.

Hundreds of thousands of mourners were queuing to pay their last respects to the Queen after her death in Balmoral on Thursday.

But mourners were stunned when one of the guards began swinging on his feet moments before he fell to the ground, according to the “Daily Mail”.

The guard had briefly descended from the platform before regaining his spot as other soldiers joined him for a change.

But seconds later, he fainted and fell forward, landing lying on the stone floor amid the cries of mourners queuing to pay their respects to the late kingdom.

The live broadcast also stopped for several minutes as police rushed to the man’s aid.

It comes after crowds lined the streets of central London as the Queen’s body was taken from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

The queen’s body was placed inside the sarcophagus on the catavalki platform – a raised platform, with her crown and sceptre at the top. She is scheduled to stay at this place for four days and five nights. According to the Daily Mail.

The senior members of the royal family stood in formation facing the ark on the purple-covered casket, which was surrounded by a tall yellow candle that flickered in every corner of the wide scarlet platform.

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